advanced nutrition programme packs

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The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a premium range of supplements which support healthy skin and helps enhance your overall well-being. Their pharmaceutical and nutrition consultants select only the highest quality ingredients which your body can easily absorb, and our fish oils are scrupulously screened for pollutants.

They believe that the quantity and quality of nutrients in our products are at levels which can really make a difference to your skin and  overall well-being.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is part of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa).  This leading skincare company believes in feeding the skin from within with high quality supplements as well as applying proven, results-driven products topically.   This inside-out approach leads to radiant, youthful skin!

detox pack

If you over-indulged help is at hand! Get the new year off to a healthy start with our Pure Detox Pack. This trio of supplements has been specially formulated to support your liver, your digestive system and your immune system, which are all key players in helping your body rid itself of toxins.

Skin Pure – supports your body’s detoxification processes
Probiotics – helps to maintain a healthy gut
Skin Vit C – contributes to the normal function of your immune system

sun pack

Designed as an internal boost to your topical sunscreen, the Sun Pack provides nutritional support for skin exposed to sunlight.

Contains: Skin Defender, Skin Vitality 1, Omega 3

party pack

Most of us are guilty of over-doing it during the party season! While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional naughty treat, over-indulgence can deplete your nutrient levels. No one wants dull skin or lack of energy during the festivities so help is at hand.
The party pack has been designed to provide additional nutritional support at times of over-indulgence. It contains a two month supply, so it’s great value too – just 76p a day!

The Party Pack contains:
Skin Vit C – to support your immunity
Skin Vitality 1 – a broad spectrum multi-vitamin for bags of energy!*

travel pack

Travelling can put extra strain on the body. This trio of supplements supports immune functions and digestion on holiday.

Contains: Skin Vitality 1, Skin Vit C, Probiotics