LipoLift Pro Inch Loss Wrap

Key Features
Results are immediate and will increase over 72 hours
Aids in the removal of fat cells
Treatments can be performed every 7 days
Effective homecare product available, Lipofirm PATCH
Highly effective when used with heat or technologies such as ultrasound cavitation, laser lipolysis or radio frequency.
Banish your fat with a Lipofirm Wrap, a highly scientifically proven fat cell reduction treatment.

How Does Lipolift Pro Wrap Work?
Lipolift Wrap works by breaking down fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglycerides through the body’s natural waste processes allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body.

Lipolift Wrap is based on active ingredients and applied topically using a transdermal system for the bio-active phospholipids to travel to the adipose fat cell. The wrap solution needs to activate by heat to trigger the ingredients to deepen and destruct the fat cell.

How Long Will The Results Last?
This depends on the lifestyle of the individual. In order for fat cells to return, a new cell must be produced which will only happen if client consumes in excess of a balanced or recommended daily intake.

Results can be maintained for as long as client maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Number and regularity of treatments for the best results…
You can see and feel the effects after one treatment, although it is recommended that the client has a course of six treatments every seven days.

After the initial course of treatment, clients may feel the benefits of a revival treatment every three months.