lava shells

Lava Shell Heated Massage

A revolutionary massage that take relaxation to a whole new level, Indulge yourself in the magic of our heated massage. Dubbed “the new hot stones” by Vogue Magazine, Lava Shells are a hot favourite with our clients offering an idyllic treatment that combines the warmth from the shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques. We aim to create a sense of balance, harmony and tranquillity through out your entire body that will leave you stress free and smiling.


How it works:

Your therapist will combine a sachet containing a blend of minerals with a saline solution inside the shells to cause an exothermic reaction. Once activated, the shells take around 5 minutes to heat up and will continue to generate heat for over an hour. As the shell is used, it will naturally transfer heat to your body and cool itself down; when not in use, the shell with increase in temperature, giving your therapist full control and the ability to create a totally bespoke treatment that meets your needs.

Benefits of a heated Lava Shell massage:

  • Eases aches and pains in the joints
  • Releases unwanted tension in the muscles
  • Increases the blood flow around the body, removing toxins
  • Increased relaxation both in body and mind
  • Completely bespoke treatment, tailored to your needs